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Clean Room Manufacturers in Chennai

Clean Room Manufacturers in Chennai Modular Clean Room industry is constantly changing, becoming increasingly complex and demanding innovative answers to contamination free environments. Micro Flow is among the preferred Modular Clean Room manufacturers in Chennai. Micro Flow offers a spectrum of services from idealization to commissioning for both turnkey and partial projects.

Our team of professionals specially master the evaluation of clean room design and execution using the latest GMP guidelines, and also abide by the stipulated standards of the local and international accredited agencies.

We provide customized design layouts to accommodate the specific demands of client’s requirements within budgets and time schedules.

Clean Room Manufacturers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Prominent Clean Room Provider in Chennai

Clean room validation is simply a process of filing documentary evidence that shows any procedures, testing, and productivity activity conducted within clean rooms that testifies for a desired level of compliance.

Micro Flow Is A Specialist In Clean Room Validation

Micro Flow is a specialist in clean room validation. After the processes are successfully undertaken, we extend an audit-ready report that complies with the requirements verified by regulatory bodies.

Pharmaceutical companies understand the importance of this validation. For pharma companies operating in countries like Chennai, Micro Flow is most commonly the one-stop solution. Today, the top multinational companies in the Middle East are our clients.

Features and Benefits 

  • Temperature controlled heating up to 200°C
  • In-built timer to set heating time
  • 0 to 100 mm coating speed can be regulated
  • Vacuum system to hold substrate sheet on aluminum plate
  • Stroke length 10 to 250 mm adjustable
  • Scraper for regulating coating thickness with accuracy of 0.01mm
  • Color touch screen display controller

Micro flow has been manufacturing and supplying wide range of clean room equipment such as biosafety cabinet, laminar air flow, air shower and fume hoods etc. All these equipment match international quality standards and offer excellent performance year after year. Our engineering team carefully designs each equipment matched with specifications provided by our customers and tested at various parameters before dispatch. If you want to buy any of our cleanroom equipment, please email your query, we will send you detailed price list along with brochure.

Being the top clean room manufacturers in Chennai, we offer the best solutions for  clean room panels, laboratory enclosures, sterile paint testing booths, pharmaceutical testing facilities in Amritsar and other important utilizations. These prefab construction offerings are engineered to perfection and designed with the latest technology to serve the benefits of extreme durability and lifetime sturdiness.

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Best Clean Room Manufacturers in Chennai

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What Our Client Says

You guys have done an amazing job on our cleanroom. I really appreciate the extra effort you have gone to help us through this.

We ordered a cleanroom a little over a year ago from you guys and really liked it. We are expanding our place and would like to install another cleanroom in our new facility. The 2nd cleanroom looks great. Your team did a great job.

The cleanroom turned out great and the team here is pleased. It was a pleasure working with the Micro flow team. I really appreciate your support on getting this completed to meet our timeframe.

For ongoing repairs we wanted to source a local work to do our installation and future expansions of the cleanroom. We chose Micro Flow to do the additions because we were happy with the initial work done.


Frequently Asked Questions

To summarize, the principle of mixed flow cleanroom is that when a certain amount of clean air is supplied into the room, it will disperse and mix with the surrounding air, and at the same time the same amount of air is exhausted from the return air grille.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) governs these classifications according to particulate cleanliness. In a nutshell, ISO cleanroom classifications let you know how many particles you’re allowed to have in the cleanroom.

Cleanrooms are classified according to the number and size of particles permitted per volume of air.

According to the ISO Class 6 cleanroom requirements, a cleanroom must have less than 35,200 particles >0.5 micron per cubic meter and 180 HEPA filtered air changes per hour.

A: The most common type cleanrooms are modular cleanrooms, stick-built cleanrooms (or standard), and soft wall cleanrooms.

ISO-5 cleanrooms are required to have 300-480 air changes per hour of HEPA filtered air and less than 29particles/meter3 greater or equal to 5 microns.