IVF OT / Clean Room

The HEPA Filter system creates an extremely homogeneous Airflow with very little turbulence. Any bacteria, Viruses or dust particles are extracted directly before the air enters the area. This means that the area is completely isolated within the surrounding room, effectively preventing any contamination by bacteria or virus-laden air. The low degree of turbulence also provides a pleasant working environment for medical personal.

Our range of IVF OT/ Clean rooms are made of Stainless Steel 304, Powder Coated and Korean Panels etc are designed as per NABH guidelines

Our Gallery

  • Compact & Sleek design
  • Class 100/ISO 5 at grill level as per NABH guidelines
  • Temperature 21 ± 3 Dec as Per NABH guidelines
  • Humidity 40 – 60%
  • Positive pressure minimum 15 pascal
  • Velocity 90 ± 20% FPM
  • Following NABH guidelines for testing and calibration and traceability as per NABH standards